Membership Programme 2020

Apply now for 2020

Last year we introduced our JC membership programme offering parents huge savings and fantastic payment options. Our members can also enjoy perks such as discounts off birthday parties, membership tops for the children + priority access to our events. We are happy to announce the membership programme is here to stay and now accepting applicants for 2020. 


Did you know there are at least 55 days of school holidays in 2020? Joining the membership programme puts you in control allowing you to choose when you need us and spread your cost over 12 instalments. Joining the membership also guarantees you our early bird price, every holiday!


Sign up and reduce your 6 week holiday bill

If you need childcare during the summer break, joining our membership could see you make savings of up to £150 during the summer alone.  Why pay more more when you don't have to? We want to support your family, get in touch now and find out how we can make your life more simple in 2020.