5 cool things to do with your kids on NYE. (Number 5 is our favourite!)

New Years Eve with kids cane be great fun! You can create an evening to remember with these 5 activity ideas.

1. Watch a movie

This is a great way to pass time before the countdown. Grab some popcorn, pick a film and get under the duvet! Pick a film to rent that you can all watch together for the first time.

2. Have a mocktail party!

Make a snacky dinner, and throw together some Mocktails! Let the kids create their own signature NYE drink that you can enjoy year after year!

3. Play games

I'm sure the kids have had their favourite games for Christmas. Grab a controller, a board game, build a lego Big Ben or get up and show them how charades is done!

4. Living room slumber party

If you're kids are anything like ours, they'll love sleeping anywhere other than their bed. Relive your teens and set up some beds in the living room and order a pizza!

5. Create time capsule

Put together a list of everything amazing you have done as a family this year. Reflect on all the things your kids have accomplished this year and put it away to bury or store later.

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