5 Star rated venues

All of our venues are Ofsted registered and parent approved! We pride ourselves on our 5* Trustpilot rating, and also the 600 5 star parent reviews collected over the last 5 years. 

Every Friday you can apply to bring a friend to next camp - totally free!

Entertaining your little ones

Perhaps we should be like everyone else and publish timetables of our activities, but there is a good reason we don't do that!  


All children enjoy doing different things, and we get that! We have hundreds of activities that the kids can choose from which are tailored on the groups age, interests and size. We could preplan every activity by the minute, but if the children don't want to do it.. what's the point? We encourage the children to choose their activities throughout the day. There is always more than one activity taking place to ensure everyone is enjoying their version of a perfect day.

We structure our days and always have something planned for the children to do, but if we are honest they are the real bosses!


Everyday, we have a special activity taking place which could be Zorbing, mini golf, archery, Lego building, boxing, basketball arcade or tumble track fun. These activities rotate around our venues and you can view when they are next at your club by viewing your clubs activity calendar. This activity like everything else is a choice, if your child would prefer to read in the quiet room, or draw you a picture, we love seeing the children doing something they love.


JC Academy Holiday Clubs are available at 6 locations. All venues are Ofsted registered and accept children ages 5 - 12 years. See below for current available locations:


To book onto an activity day, you will need to create an account with us to see our availability for the upcoming school holidays. Our Holiday Clubs range from £10 per day to £30 per day and are suitable for ages 4 - 12 yrs