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Holiday Club Manager

Earn money, gain qualifications and experience!


For the right candidate, an opportunity to grow, learn and shape your childcare career. You must be available every school holiday, the children love to see their favorite faces every time they visit us, and we are not in the game of breaking tiny hearts </3

If you have issues with the following please do not apply:

- Roblox questions


- Suspicious substances


- Noise levels


- Hearing your name 6000 times in one hour


- Spectators during lunch


The right candidate:


-You must have a warm smiling face that makes every child feel special.


- You must be able to understand (or offer a convincing understanding) of

Youtube, Tiktok and switch games. 

- Being able to sing in tune is not necessary, but willing to offer lead vocals when



- You do not need to be a professional dancer, but being able to move your body to music is desirable (bonus points if you know any tiktok dances)


- You must be approachable, welcoming and easy to talk to.


-You must be able to laugh at jokes you don’t understand


- You must be able to retain the names of all the children, their toys and also their


- You must be able to really listen, and take on board what our children are

thinking and feeling.


- A high tolerance level for personal questions about your life, where you live, if you're married, if you have kids, what do you have for lunch, and if you have any pets.


- Lots of energy is desirable, but back-flips are not required.


- Must like Pizza, as its favored by the team when lunch is on us.

Pay is up to £600 per week depending on experience and age.


As management you will be expected to oversee and manage the activity leaders, complete daily paperwork around health and safety, communicate effectively with parents regarding their children's attendance, lead activities when required, open and lock up venues among other managerial duties.

If you'd like an immediate rejection, please us send your CV. Otherwise, please send a covering letter. Tell us about you, what you enjoy doing and why our children will love you.


Calling all childcare managers!

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